It is often said that the past guarantees the future. Maybe I had to go through the past and choose to act and decide to make a difference in my own way. For my part, I decided to launch a range of cosmetic products aimed at gentlemen and gentlewomen. Perhaps because in my heart of hearts, I believe that I can change things for the better. I hope that the people who will buy my products adhere to a lifestyle that will encourage the gift of self-love to others. Taking care of yourself also means taking care of others to improve our collective well-being.

I have always said that beauty is the extension of personality. Beauty can take many forms you just have to open the door for it. So I made it my mission to pursue these exceptional men and women.

I also created the “#BeGentlemen” movement for anyone who considers good manners and courtesy to be elite. I want to build a community of people who care about our collective well-being.


Our mission is to offer high quality, easy to use products for busy lives. Our promise is to constantly renew ourselves and listen to the needs of everyone.



For the Groupe Stéphanie B., wishing the well-being of others is the main priority. Our formulas are designed, studied, and manufactured by expert hands with natural ingredients that will protect you because your skin deserves it. For protection, we ensure the right balance between effectiveness and results to make all skin types glow.




and Effective

For many years, Ms. Boulay has been passionate about everything related to global beauty.

The skin protects us like a shield and is the first barrier exposed to the elements. Let’s give it the support it needs with class and kindness using our timeless products.

The fragrances envelop the texture of the contents, giving everyone a pure and authentic sensation. Each stage of production is carefully monitored to produce unique and effective products.


and recyclable


The Groupe Stéphanie B. is committed to protecting our resources. Each package used in the manufacturing of our products takes into account government recommendations for the preservation of our environment. Green and eco-friendly from its creation to your home. Our mission is to reduce our consumption of disposable and polluting materials by creating reusable and recyclable packaging.


A sense of duty and social responsibility lies within the DNA of the Groupe Stéphanie B. This principle is our mission to protect and respect the animal kingdom. There are no half measures and no compromises, resulting in no animal cruelty.

Made in Canada

The Stephanie B. Group, a Canadian platform.

An industry leader committed to showcasing Canadian companies that are shaping the future of our generation.

Through the design of product textures, the research of perfumes, and the layout of labels, boxes, and containers, every detail is important to Ms. Boulay.

Since establishing its first commercial facility at the foot of the majestic mountains of the Laurentians, Groupe Stéphanie B. has never manufactured its products outside of Canada.

Primordial and inseparable. These are the two words that describe the extraordinary partnership with those who think, feel, imagine, and channel the strength of our team into our products.