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Stéphanie Boulay was born on June 30, 1988 on the south coast of Montreal, into a large family where she learned very early on the importance of values ​​such as mutual aid and hard work.

After high school, she started training as a dental secretary, but as opportunities in this field were scarce, she accepted an offer to work as a legal secretary, which she did for 3 years.

In 2013, after spending a few years at a large retailer where she gained accounting experience and customer service skills, Ms. Boulay decided to use her entrepreneurial skills to found her own business. She launched the Stéphanie Beauty Institute, an aesthetic company specializing in body care and located in the Laurentians. A victim of her own success in the first year, she finally had to double the size of her institute to offer beauty treatments more suited to the needs of a growing clientele.

In 2016, Ms. Boulay called on the services of a Montreal company, a digital advertising agency, to rebrand her business. The same year, she was among the finalists of the Gala d’Excellence Desjardins for her innovative results on the web.

In the summer of 2017, Ms. Boulay imagined an innovative concept: Station Balnéaire Stéphanie B., which opened at the Yacht Club de Montréal the following summer. This sophisticated and unique mobile station offers exclusive beauty treatments and is also available for private parties, corporate events, Christmas markets and more. This partnership with the Yacht Club turns out to be an important step in increasing the brand’s notoriety.

In 2018, Ms. Boulay launched a new line of beauty products for women and men. Entirely made in Canada with natural ingredients, these high-end products will gradually be marketed in pharmacies as well as in several businesses such as barber shops and aesthetics. The company is now known under the name of STÉPHANIE B .: Beauté-Balnéaire-Boutique and is considered a reference in the field of body care in Canada.

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